Fort Worth Neighborhoods

Archibald Motley at the Amon Carter Museum of American...

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art could wait no longer. It is currently showing through September 7 Archibald Motley: Jazz Age Modernist, the first important look-back in at least 20 years of the irrefutable artistic talent of Archibald Motley. Though Motley’s... Read on

Sera: A European-style bistro in Fort Worth

Ever since last fall, friends have been whispering that I needed to visit Sera, a Spanish / coastal French restaurant that opened on Forest Park Blvd., in the space formerly occupied by Sapristi. Yet for one reason or another, I kept dragging my feet. I was skeptical... Read on

Keeping it in the family at Fort Worth restaurants

Sure, reliable, chain restaurants have their places, and so do chef-driven, upscale eateries. But I’ve always believed that family-owned and -operated restaurants are the glue that holds any dining community together. It’s at these places where you’ll usually encounter... Read on

Four new Fort Worth bars where you can celebrate the...

If you’re like me and enjoy eating out on the weekends, you’ve no doubt faced this dilemma: It’s 9:30 or 10 p.m., and the dessert plates have just been cleaned from the table – but it’s still much too early to head home. And while the Fort Worth nightlife scene has any... Read on

Outdoor Activities in Fort Worth

If you want to get outdoors with your family, Fort Worth has no shortage of opportunities to enjoy the city and its natural resources. The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge offers over 20 miles of hiking trails and a variety of educational programs. The... Read on

AF+B: A younger sibling of Fireside Pies shines

When it comes to Fort Worth restaurants, I don’t like to single out a favorite – comparing places like Taqueria Melis to Shinjuki Station to Lonesome Dove is an apples-to-oranges-to-bananas proposition, and it’s impossible to say one is any "better" than the next.... Read on

Your Best Super Bowl Yet - Celebrate 48 in Fort Worth

It’s that time of year again, Super Bowl Sunday countdown. Whether you’re a Seahawk, a Bronco, or someone who could honestly care less about football, we can all agree that it’s just not the Super Bowl without food and drinks. Grab your friends and head to any of these F... Read on

A Fort Worth Food Lover’s New Year’s Resolutions

Sure, New Year’s resolutions are often a fool’s game – just because the calendar has changed, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to get lazy and avoid cleaning your oven for as long as humanly possible. Nonetheless, I can’t help but follow the time-honored tradition. And,... Read on

Same Fred's Burgers, All New Locations

Almost immediately after I moved to Fort Worth in the fall of 2000, a friend pointed me in the direction of Fred’s Texas Café –the words she used to describe it were “pure Fort Worth.” I opened the door to the original Fred’s on Crockett St. not knowing what to expect,... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Curious George at the Fort Worth...

America’s favorite monkey has been getting in trouble and captivating children for over 70 years, and now all the curiosity is coming to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Curious George: Let’s Get Curious, a new exhibit opening October 5, 2013-January 5,... Read on

The Bearded Lady: Another hit on Magnolia

Over the last couple of years, no corner of Fort Worth has experienced as extraordinary a re-vitalization as Magnolia Avenue, in the Near Southside section of town. Once a sleepy strip littered with abandoned storefronts, it is now home to some of our most exciting... Read on

Seafood in landlocked North Texas? Try Pacific Table

Who says North Texas dining is all about steak and starch? Here in landlocked Fort Worth, a seafood renaissance appears to be upon us. Earlier this year, chef Jon Bonnell opened the high-end Waters, which puts a Texas twist on oysters, clams, tuna and all sorts of... Read on

Taking a tour of Fort Worth's best eats

It’s an all-too-common occurrence when visiting a new city: You only have a few days in a place, but the guide books and Chowhounders list dozens of places you should try during your trip. Or you've lived somewhere for years, yet feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of... Read on

Sid Richardson Museum extends Remington sculpture show

The Sid Richardson Museum certainly knows the first rule of hospitality: When you and your house-guest are getting along swimmingly, and more of your neighborhood wants to stop in for a visit, well you simply extend the stay. That's exactly what the venerable, downtown... Read on

What's on at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

It's hard keeping up with all the distinctions marking the Amon Carter Museum of American Art's current  exhibition: Romare Bearden: A Black Odyssey. First off, with its nearly 50 art works by Bearden, it's got a desired heft and scope. Secondly, it's the first ever,... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Southside Bike Ride

There is nothing quite like the joy that comes from a family bike ride. With every turn, not only do you travel forward, but you also keep the air clean, get some exercise, and join a global community of riders who are traveling the miles using pedal power.  Be... Read on

Guest Blog: Travel Blogger, Elliott Segelbaum

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Database programmer Describe Fort Worth in three words: Quintessentially Texas, y’all My return to Fort Worth comes 30 years after I was last there.  I lived in Fort Worth for about three years in the early 80s – just long enough... Read on

Secret Gardens

Thanks to Historic Fort Worth, Inc. you can enjoy your Sunday immersed in the beauty of landscape and architecture. Don’t worry - you don’t have to bring your gardening gloves or shovel – just bring your friends for an exploration of five different landscape styles in... Read on