Fort Worth Tours

Springing Forward with Spring Gallery Night

It’s become as much a rite of a Fort Worth spring as the ubiquitous blooming of bluebonnets along every North Texas highway and byway: Spring Gallery Night. So much of Spring Gallery Night remains comfortably the same. It’s still sponsored by Fort Worth’s... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Spring Break Plans for Kids in Fort...

Spring Break starts March 10 in Fort Worth, so be prepared to round up your herd for some big fun in Cowtown full of nature, culture, and history exploration. Introduce the kids to the opera with the fun loving performances of The Ugly Duckling and The Three Little Pigs... Read on

Samurai Armor Exhibition at the Kimbell Art Museum

Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller are not exactly a known quantity, at least outside the rarified museum world that the Kimbell Art Museum occupies. But we collectively can be very grateful to them as it is from their private collection that the Kimbell has drawn to... Read on

Free Family Fun in Fort Worth

Looking for something to do with the family this weekend that won’t break the bank?  Fort Worth has plenty of FREE options for families to brush up on their culture, get some fresh air, and learn how things work. The Way Things Work and Other Science-y Explorations Burea... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Concerts with Fort Worth Symphony

Introduce your children to joy of music with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s Adventures in Music: Education Series. These programs are designed to engage the interests of children at all ages and make the first concert experience a memorable one for your little... Read on

Sundance Square - Grand Opening this Friday

Sundance Square marks the celebration of its brand new Plaza this weekend with an array of grand opening festivities November 1-3, 2013. After many years in the making, the Sundance Square Plaza will finally be the "Square" in Sundance Square that so many visitors often... Read on

A New World Awaits at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center &...

Located just an hour from downtown Fort Worth near Glen Rose,Texas, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center & Refuge is an incredible 9.9 mile-long drive-through conservatory facility representing over 1,000 animals. An animal kingdom, Fossil Rim is the first facility of its kind... Read on

Tuesday Evenings at the Modern Lecture Series -- Fall...

Let’s say you wake up on an average Tuesday in the Fall and you’re craving some more knowledge about history, architecture, or art – or learned criticism of all those disciplines and many others. Where to turn? Well, one reliable option is the Modern Art Museum of Fort... Read on

Guest Post by Alena Backes: The Perfect Day in Fort...

The Perfect Day in Fort Worth   The perfect day in Fort Worth starts in the morning with an oatmeal breakfast with my host family, and a Caramel Macchiato with Soymilk at Starbucks on University Drive. After this, I recommend visiting the Cultural District , where I... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Mrs. Baird's Bakery Factory Tour

For almost 100 years, the smell of freshly baking bread has been tempting the taste buds and tickling the noses of visitors to Fort Worth. Get a detailed view-and all the sniffs of baking bread you stand-with a free tour of the Mrs. Baird’s Bread Factory. During the... Read on

The Science and History of Beer

Most of us might easily sum up the science and history of beer in one giggly word: “Fun.” But that’s because most of us have a personal history with the sudsy libation that has nothing to do with either science or history -- and everything to do with how we feel... Read on

Taking a tour of Fort Worth's best eats

It’s an all-too-common occurrence when visiting a new city: You only have a few days in a place, but the guide books and Chowhounders list dozens of places you should try during your trip. Or you've lived somewhere for years, yet feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Family Programs at Fort Worth Art...

This summer, find a cool place to entertain the kids and watch them discover a little culture-bonus! Three world- renowned art museums sitting side by side in the park-like Fort Worth Cultural District, just waiting for you and your family to explore.Your kids will see... Read on

Family Fun Friday: Bureau of Engraving and Printing...

Prove to the kids that money most certainly does not grow on trees at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing’s Summer Employee Craft Demonstration held July 23-26.  The annual festival is a great way to beat the heat while exploring the facility where over half of the... Read on

The Go-To Brunch in Fort Worth

Home to some of the best restaurants in Texas, Fort Worth’s brunch options are endless. No matter where you are in Fort Worth, there are several options to choose from that will delight your brunch taste buds. Sip on sparkling mimosas, savor a couple of World Famous... Read on

Fort Worth's Best Barbecue: Let the Arguments Begin

For aficionados of Texas barbecue, few events inspire as much excitement, argument and sheer, mouth-watering hunger as the publication, every five years or so, of Texas Monthly’s list of the best BBQ joints in the state. The newest list is out, and two Fort Worth... Read on

Kimbell Art Museum Exhibition Explores Art of the Wari

In the same breath as you utter the Kimbell Art Museum, what usually trips off the tongue are so many of the master artists that are the pride of its permanent collection: From Caravaggio, Velazquez, David, Rubens, El Greco, and La Tour, to Cezanne, Matisse, Murillo, ... Read on

Free Cliburn Event at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

It's hard to think of a more felicitous marriage of Fort Worth tourist-attractions than the marvelous music making of a Cliburn Concert, set against the incomparable backdrop of the Tadao Ando-designed Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. And, sure enough, both will come... Read on

Downtown Fort Worth on a Dime

We showed you how to discover the Cultural District on a budget, and now it's time for some Sundance Square savings tips and how to visit downtown Fort Worth on a dime. When looking for free attractions in Downtown and Sundance Square, it is almost harder to find... Read on

Cultural District on a Dime

We all know that travelling can get expensive sometime. That is why doing your homework and finding the best deal is so important. Well we have done the homework for you. Take a look at these great deals in the Cultural District, West 7th Street District and University... Read on